Your Miracle Is Here


Your miracle is closer than you think!

This bundle includes the printed “hard copy” of Your Miracle Is Here along with a digital eBook you can download to your computer, phone or tablet device.

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I have seen many miracles and believed completely in them when the miracles were received by the people. A miracle is something that happens in our physical world that we cannot know or understand with our natural mind, yet we believe and receive the healing as it takes place. It is important that you understand that these two acts, believing and receiving, must go hand in hand. As we believe and receive we know that only God can bring about such an act. The Greek word σημεῖον means MIRACLE. Miracle, or σημεῖον, is a noun and is neuter. A miracle, σημεῖον, is a sign. A sign is an appointment with a message from God, a mark, a token, a seal of His presence. A miracle is an action from God.


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